A guide and answers for Students using the RMBI Moodle Learning Platform

How do I register and sign-up for moodle?

A one-time registration fee is required for each diploma level. 

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Register button” 
  3. Purchase by adding to cart, enter your billing information then checkout. There are three payment types. Credit card, Paypal and Wipay. After checkout, you will be automatically redirected to our Moodle portal. for 
  4. After being redirected to our RMBI moodle portal. You can now create your new account. 

Follow Screenshot video below.


What happens after I create an account?

You will receive an email with a link to confirm your account. Click on the link and your account will be confirmed. Log into your account to setup your profile. If you got a login error, please double-check your username and password.

How do I setup my profile?

Your profile is your identity on Moodle. All RMBI users can see it, including your instructors. 

Click on My profile on the top right of your screen to view your profile. Your profile will open, showing the information others can see about you.

To change or add information about yourself, such as your picture or interests, click the Edit profile located in the center of your screen to open all the options (upload an image, or add/change other pieces of information.)  Scroll down and click Update profile when finished.

If you would like to include a picture with your profile click on User picture and drag a photo to the New picture file area.  Please use either GIF or JPG format and keep the picture small (about 100×100 pixels max with a file size less than 500 KB). Again, remember that this profile is accessible to all members of the Whittier College community—your professors and everyone else will be able to see this picture. The same caution is applicable to any personal description you might include.

Follow screen shot video below

How do I enrol for a course?

For online enrolment you will need a credit card and a paypal account. On your RMBI Dashboard, click the tile “All courses.” You will see a list of offered courses in the relative Diploma category. Select the course you desire to be enrolled in. (Please note that courses with two (2) parts require you complete part one before part two. 

How do I make a Payment?

You can enrol in more than one course. Payment must be made for each course separately. You will see the cost listed below the course name and a button prompting you to make your payment. 

Follow screen shot video below

What is my dashboard?

The Dashboard is a customisable page for providing you with details of your progress and upcoming deadlines. The default dashboard includes a Timeline, Calendar and recently accessed items Quick access to Dashboard is also available from the site navigation sidebar at the top left of the screen once logged in.

You can customise your Dashboard by adding or removing blocks and changing block positions. You will be taught that as you progress on the site. 

Other elements that can be viewed on your dashboard are

  1. Navigation sidebar
  2. Upcoming events
  3. Notifications
  4. Messages
  5. Other users online
  6. Badges
  7. Private files…and more.

I need personal assistance. Who do I contact?

Our administrative and technical staff are willing and ready to assist you. We also have our course teachers whose email addresses have been provided in each course to keep the lines of communication open. 

We are aware that at times you may need help with the following.

  1. Login issues
  2. Billing and payment queries
  3. Navigating the moodle platform
  4. Course related queries. eg (Assignment submission, Grading etc) 
  5. Technical challenges
  6. File uploading and downloading. 
  7. Managing moodle on various devices.

This list highlights just of few of areas where we believe you will need assistance.

There are different ways of contacting us.

  1. Send us an online message here
  2. View our footer area for email and phone contact
  3. Make contact from within the Moodle platform (view screen shot video below}


Please note that the name used in this faq is fictitious and the cost for course is not $1.00. These were prepared examples only for this faq.