..And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, Eph 4:11


We are a church that love exuberant worship. Whether its through song, playing of instruments, dance or drama, all expressions are used to glorify God. Do you have some skill in this area?


In what is popularly called the “Great Commission” , Jesus admonished us to go and teach all nations. While preaching is good, as a church, we place a high emphasis on teaching all. Several sections make up this ministry.


Our church has a diverse population of different , genders, age groups and ethic backgrounds. This is so because our nation is diverse. Personal ministry groups in the categories of Men, Women, Children, Young Adults and Elderly. These groups have been formed to foster fellowship and spiritual growth. There is a group for you. When do they meet?


We are all called to be servants but our HELPS ministry which includes our Ushers, Parking Attendants, Hospitality personnel are what we call the face of our organization. In most cases they are the first people you meet so we make sure that your first time visit leaves you with great memories. Love to interact? 

We are a family church so a high emphasis is placed on building strong families and healthy marriages.  Our Pastor founded ‘MARRIED TO ANGEL”. A ministry and counseling service for those married or contemplating marriage. 


In our mission statement one of the goals was to make international  impact. The Gospel of Jesus Christ must be preached in all the world. This starts first in our community, then our nation then to other nations. How?

We call our prayer meetings the engine room of the church. We believe that frequent prayer is the major contributing factor in the successful life of the church. Our Prayer team intercedes on a weekly basis for all requests that have been submitted and are thankful when the testimonies come in how God answered. When does this group meet?

As we all know churches have transformed over the years and now a competent technical staff is needed to operate several types of equipment.  From the multimedia operator to the recording engineer and sound technician. From the computer operators to graphic designers and internet technology specialists, all work in tandem at our assembly All this to make your experience a better one.