Beginning as a small in-house prayer meeting.......

...a Lighthouse to the community

....to share Jesus with as many people as possible.

We call it S U L I C


Based in the Caribbean island of Trinidad, Revival Mission was founded by Rev. Dr. Stephen P. Mendoza in August 1990. Beginning as a small in house prayer meeting at the home of Sylvia Mohammed (deceased) located at #27 George Street, La Romaine, the meetings grew rapidly. In November 1990 the church was birthed and became registered with the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.
In July 1994, founder Pastor Mendoza married then Lorna Bahbikhan and together with the members in October of the same year, purchased the present building at #4 George Street, La Romaine. This building is now the head church of Revival Mission.
In September 1990 both Rev Stephen and Lorna Mendoza left their secular jobs and entered into full time ministry.


Our Vision

To be a light house and family Church in the community focused on winning souls, transforming lives and fostering spiritual growth in love ;and in accordance with the unadulterated Word of God.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to glorify the God of the Holy Bible, by maintaining and promoting His worship both individually and corporately, through preaching and the use of all possible channels of communication, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to share Jesus Christ with as many people as possible in our church, community and the world.


Our Values

SOUND DOCTRINE: The Word of God.
UNITY: Oneness of spirit and purpose.
LOYALTY: Faithful, trustworthy, reliable, devoted.
INTEGRITY: Simplicity, moral uprightness.
CHARITY: Perfect Love.



Now that you know about
us lets go deeper…..